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Kirk Kinnell is one of the UK’s most entertaining and effective motivational speakers. He brings his humour, his uniquely inspirational approach to communication, and 30+ years of experience as a hostage negotiator to keynote speeches with a difference.

Our story begins in the world of hostage negotiation. Founder and lead negotiator, Kirk Kinnell, has always felt a conviction to fight for fairness, which led him to join the Scottish Police in his youth and later the Armed Response Team. As the Head of Hostage Negotiation and Armed Policing Scotland, over the course of 30 years, Kirk gained experience in various high pressure areas including the Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Unit (OCCTU).Kirk quickly realised the skills learnt as a hostage negotiator were transferable to the all aspects of business and life. When Kirk left the police, he felt that these skills were too valuable to leave behind as well; thus, Negotiated Resolutions was born. (he felt that he could continue to help people in another way)

In his speeches, Kirk – the former head of Hostage Negotiation and Armed Policing in Scotland – shares his techniques for communication and negotiation that can be applied to business and personal communications.

Kirk will share how to listen to the story beneath the spoken word, understand non-verbal communication and analyse patterns of speech. Learning to see the situation from the other person’s perspective is the key to bringing any negotiation or conflict to a successful close. Kirk’s motivational speeches help people from diverse backgrounds and at every level make a real difference in their workplace.

Gain an understanding into how to set goals, understand the true bottom line, and formulate the best alternative solutions for successful problem resolution.

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How to listen as if your life depended on it

Kirk Kinnell shares how to listen like a Hostage Negotiator. He demonstrates the ‘Magnificent Seven Layers of Listening, with practical examples and opportunities to try them out.

Kirk then demonstrates the techniques for opening up conversations, understanding other people, and influencing their behaviour, based on their perspectives and values.

Using Empathy to improve relationships

Truly learning what makes you or someone else tick is a riveting, transformational experience, bringing deeper connection.

Empathy is at the heart of connecting with other people in a way that makes them feel heard and understood.

Rapport only facilitates surface and/or superficial conversations, whereas empathy allows you to get beneath the surface and capture the context, which then secures meaningful connections.

In the corporate world, this connection can help bring repeat business, and here you can learn where to find leverage in conversations.

How to shift the Balance of Power in your favour to achieve results

When a Hostage Negotiator arrives on the scene, the ‘Hostage Taker’ has all of the power. The Negotiator’s capacity to identify leverage and then transfer power is crucial in achieving a successful outcome.

Learn how to address any perceived power imbalances in your organisation.

Get better business results by finding Value

Hostage Negotiators need to find what the other person values in order to present the idea that life is better than death.

If we listen, we can find the true value to others in financial cost, a sense of usefulness and their social and psychological situation.

Conversation Peace

How many times have you heard the phrase “That’s not what I meant”?  

Change the way you think about conversation forever by learning how to have an ‘engrossed transformative conversation’, where communication becomes a meaningful connection with another person.

Turning Knowledge into Power

Kirk will share his own knowledge and training to help others find their value and leverage and empower them to bring bullish negotiations so a successful conclusion.
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