High-Performance Team Building

What do you want and need from your team?  Do you want your team to bond with each other, work more efficiently and effectively with each other, share a desire for success and ultimately perform to a higher standard? 

Our High-Performance Team Building is designed to achieve all of this and more.

This 1 or 2-day course, can be on a weekday or weekend and can be delivered at a location of your choice.   Your selected candidates will be briefed, coached, and supported while deployed to resolve real-world inspired Hostage Negotiation scenarios.  This challenging program builds trust and team working, introduces active listening skills, promotes analytical thinking and enhances personal and professional reliance when dealing with high-pressure situations. Our training is practical, immersive, challenging, it will be entertaining!

Our story begins in the world of hostage negotiation. Founder and lead negotiator, Kirk Kinnell, has always felt a conviction to fight for fairness, which led him to join the Scottish Police in his youth and later the Armed Response Team. As the Head of Hostage Negotiation and Armed Policing Scotland, over the course of 30 years, Kirk gained experience in various high pressure areas including the Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Unit (OCCTU).Kirk quickly realised the skills learnt as a hostage negotiator were transferable to the all aspects of business and life. When Kirk left the police, he felt that these skills were too valuable to leave behind as well; thus, Negotiated Resolutions was born. (he felt that he could continue to help people in another way)

Why invest in high-performance team building?

Team building exercises have been proven to bring numerous benefits to a company, oftentimes significantly impacting its bottom line.

Team building exercises are proven to bring numerous benefits to a company from improved morale and team working through to increased productivity and stronger earnings.

What are the benefits of Team Building?

Many Team Building exercises will bring about different benefits, however, we have found that our training often leads to long-term success and lasting results.

As our training emerged from the Hostage Negotiation world, it creates a unique team bond, where all members need to rely on each other to save a life. This team spirit lasts forever.

Below are many of the business benefits we want you, your team and company to realise from participation in our Team Building exercise.

Improved Listening Skills
Compassionate Assertion: We will show you the conduct associated with conflict in the concept of compassionate assertion.

Legitimacy: Legitimacy, Credibility and Trust are the main criteria for being accepted by others during a negotiation.

Trust is an "attitude" that enables co-operation: You cannot award authenticity to yourself - others must award it to you, it is painstakingly earned.

Instinct v Intuition v Impulse v Negotiate: We will explore your natural responses and reactions to stimuli and teach you how to manage that response.

Mandate / Tactical Parameters: The negotiator is not the one who decides but he holds part of the decision-making power given to them by the mandate.
Improved Communication Skills
The negotiator must identify search for and identify the shared common objective between both parties.
Increased Confidence
Available Information: Open-source information is available to assist in the evaluation of people, structure and context surrounding a negotiation.
Increased Productivity
Globalisation: Put all eggs in the same basket and negotiate on the single price.

Point by point: We don't talk about the second point unless the first one has been negotiated.

Techniques: More than 200 different techniques. They have been gathered in 4 boxes.

Competition: Pie is cut in half. Compromising.

Cooperation: The negotiator is not the one who decides but he holds part of the decision-making power given to them by the mandate.

Coopetition: Competition first and then thanks to an SCO or an innovative solution, we switch into a cooperation mode.
Increase Morale
It is important to select people according to their role.

No. 1 Negotiator: The person responsible for dialogue.

No. 2 Negotiator: The person responsible for supporting Negotiator with account and product advice, when required.

Decision Maker: The person who will sign off on the deal but must not undermine or interfere with negotiations.

Customer: Figure them out.
Encourages Creativity
The seven layers of listening:

1. Facts
2. Motivators
3. Emotions
4. Currency
5. Worth
6. Values
7. Beliefs
Improved Mental Health
- Influence
- Pathos
- Persuasion
- Logos
- Ethos
- Deductive
Potential for identifying Key Leadership figures
- Good sense
- Good moral character
Enhanced Empathy to help you manage your own team
- Good sense
- Good moral character
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