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We offer a tailored training package comprising a menu of 14 individual modules. Your training package is customised to meet your unique needs in every respect including modules required, duration and existing skill level.  We listen to what you want and give you what you need. Our IRESOLVED® programme has empowered our clients to achieve greater success. The system underpinning the programme contains of the essential elements at the core of any successful negotiation.   The IRESOLVED® programme can be tailored to a 2-3 day course and includes teaching material, practical exercises, role play, demonstration and feedback.

Our story begins in the world of hostage negotiation. Founder and lead negotiator, Kirk Kinnell, has always felt a conviction to fight for fairness, which led him to join the Scottish Police in his youth and later the Armed Response Team. As the Head of Hostage Negotiation and Armed Policing Scotland, over the course of 30 years, Kirk gained experience in various high pressure areas including the Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Unit (OCCTU).Kirk quickly realised the skills learnt as a hostage negotiator were transferable to the all aspects of business and life. When Kirk left the police, he felt that these skills were too valuable to leave behind as well; thus, Negotiated Resolutions was born. (he felt that he could continue to help people in another way)

Training modules

Our 14 training modules are listed and summarised below.  Each module has been expertly designed, integrating years of practical experience into learning opportunities. The duration of each module, typically between 1 to 3 hours, is informed by your individual needs.  We will work with you to design your bespoke Training Solution incorporating the relevant modules.

Conflict Resolution & Empathy

This module is most relevant where conflict arises and opposing views are expressed, whether organisational or personal. The key to resolution is being able to recognise the perspective of others through empathy.

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Legitimacy, Credibility & Trust

This module recognises that legitimacy, credibility and trust are critical aspects of business relationships and reveals that these sought after traits are conferred upon you by others.  Acknowledging this provides an opportunity to promote and utilise your personal and organisational values during challenging negotiations.

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Identify the Problem and Secure your Mandate

This module focuses on to how to identify the challenge and how to set an agreed mandate with your decision maker.

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Examine the Issues and Analyse the People

This module covers how to find out what is going on beneath the surface and how to identify the main influencers within the structure of your negotiation partner.

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Strategy & Tactics

This module shows how to evaluate the strategy adopted by the other side in any negotiation and how to assess tactics that may contribute to you achieving a successful outcome.

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Opening Dialogue and Listening Skills

This module is the most essential of all negotiation skills and creates a communication system, where life or death listening skills are utilised to evaluate the language used by others during negotiations.

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Understanding Others

This module covers the process of evaluating other people in a way that helps you connect and create stronger relationships.

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Power & Leverage

This module demonstrates how to identify points of leverage during a negotiation.  These can then be used to influence the perception of others on key elements to gain a benefit – cost, time, value etc.

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Decision Making

This module explores in detail the skill of Decision Making and the key elements which underpin sound decisions.  This includes the identification and evaluation of risks associated with a decision, how this is captured and explores the need to continuously evaluate developing options.  You need to be confident, well informed and nimble of thought to make the right decision in a turbulent negotiation.

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Corporate Negotiations

This module shows how to search for value from the introduction phase, through the negotiation phase and on to proposing a solution and closing the deal.

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This module covers how to have difficult conversations and how to give and receive feedback in a corporate environment.

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Dealing with Difficult Profiles

This module examines the problems faced when confronting negotiation partners with challenging personality types and difficult profiles.

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Making Decisions in High Pressure Situations

This module helps participants to learn from the world of hostage negotiation in order to limit the effects of stress in high pressure situations.

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Questioning Skills within a conversation.

This module covers the ‘art of communication’ and how to use appropriate questions during a conversation.

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The IRESOLVED® Programme

The IRESOLVED® Programme has been designed as a comprehensive process encompassing the essential elements of a successful negotiation.  The easily will always be there to support you throughout your negotiations.

The Programme, which has nine modules assembled chronologically, can be tailored in duration depending on the existing skillset of participants and is typically a 2 or 3 day course.  The course includes exercises in Hostage Negotiation or in bespoke scenarios relevant to your business or industry sector.  

We are confident that the IRESOLVED® Programme will better prepare you for real world negotiations which translates into added value for you and your business.

Compassionate Assertion: We will show you the conduct associated with conflict in the concept of compassionate assertion.

Legitimacy: Legitimacy, Credibility and Trust are the main criteria for being accepted by others during a negotiation.

Trust is an "attitude" that enables co-operation: You cannot award authenticity to yourself - others must award it to you, it is painstakingly earned.

Instinct v Intuition v Impulse v Negotiate: We will explore your natural responses and reactions to stimuli and teach you how to manage that response.

Mandate / Tactical Parameters: The negotiator is not the one who decides but he holds part of the decision-making power given to them by the mandate.
Realise the problem
The negotiator must identify search for and identify the shared common objective between both parties.
Examine and analyse the issues and the people involved
Available Information: Open-source information is available to assist in the evaluation of people, structure and context surrounding a negotiation.
Strategy & Tactics
Globalisation: Put all eggs in the same basket and negotiate on the single price.

Point by point: We don't talk about the second point unless the first one has been negotiated.

Techniques: More than 200 different techniques. They have been gathered in 4 boxes.

Competition: Pie is cut in half. Compromising.

Cooperation: The negotiator is not the one who decides but he holds part of the decision-making power given to them by the mandate.

Coopetition: Competition first and then thanks to an SCO or an innovative solution, we switch into a cooperation mode.
Open dialogue
It is important to select people according to their role.

No. 1 Negotiator: The person responsible for dialogue.

No. 2 Negotiator: The person responsible for supporting Negotiator with account and product advice, when required.

Decision Maker: The person who will sign off on the deal but must not undermine or interfere with negotiations.

Customer: Figure them out.
Listen, Understand and Influence
The seven layers of listening:

1. Facts
2. Motivators
3. Emotions
4. Currency
5. Worth
6. Values
7. Beliefs
Validate your assumptions on power and leverage
- Influence
- Pathos
- Persuasion
- Logos
- Ethos
- Deductive
Establish a proposal to close the deal
- Good sense
- Good moral character
- Institution
- Relational
- Situational
- Personal

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"Kirk really understood us as an organisation and made links during the session so it felt really bespoke. He definitely made an impression and won't be forgotten."

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